06 November 2010

I Made It! Week 1 of Vegan MOFO (#6)

In celebration of making it through my first week of Vegan MOFO 2010, I decided I'd skip posting a new recipe and go out to breakfast with my momma instead.  We love the Flint Farmer's Market so so so much, and they have a fabulous  little family-owned diner upstairs called Steady Eddy's.  Well, Steady Eddy's is one of the very few restaurants in this area that offers not only vegetarian, but vegan dishes, although they are not strictly a vegetarian diner.  And hallelujah for a not having to explain what veganism is!  They're only open when the Farmer's Market is open, and the wait is sometimes kind of long, but I swear to you, it is absolutely worth the wait.  In the summer, they have their patio open, so you can eat outside and look down on the Market shoppers.  It's lovely, especially when all of the vendors are selling flowers during the summer months.

Anywhooo... I decided to order the tofu scramble, which is seasoned tofu mixed with brown rice with a side of toast and a bit of fresh fruit (orange, pear, banana, pineapple, and some grapes).  It was divine.  No joke.  I already posted the before shot above, and here's the after:

So, tomorrow I'll maybe try a new cookie recipe or some such sweet treat since I've only blogged about relatively healthy vegan dishes.  It's time to indulge in a bit of vegan dessert.  Any ideas what I should try?

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  1. You've been eating so well, Meg that I think you deserve a cookie!! Awesome scramble. Thank yiou for entering my contest too!