18 November 2010

Review: Strawberry Basil Preserves -- Vegan MOFO #18

Holy yumminess, Batman.  I found the holy grail of fruit preserves.  Behold the Organic Strawberry Basil Preserves from a Michigan company called Food For Thought.  I had never seen this jam, nor had I heard of the company until today.  I stumbled upon it at a little gourmet food shop and my life will never be the same.  You may be thinking, "Strawberries are sweet and Basil is more savory...this is an abomination."  But you would be wrong...so very, very wrong.  This stuff is heaven in my (and probably your) mouth.  I sped home and started toasting bread before I even put my handbag down.  No joke, I was that excited.  Strawberries and basil are two of my most favorite flavors, so I couldn't resist having them combined into one.  The flavor is seamless.  No strange flavors standing out, just a perfect, smooth, sweet combo.  Just talking about it makes me want to eat some more.

I tried the preserves first on some multi-grain toast and my mind was officially blown.  Then, I tried it on some plain crackers, again, WOW.  And finally, I ate a spoonful straight from the jar.  All were amazing.  I bet it would even be good mixed into a vinaigrette.  Better yet, just hook me up to an IV.  I could eat this stuff every day.  They have another flavor that I'm dying to try now: Blueberry Lavender.  Maybe next time, my sweet obsession. 

You should know that this post isn't sponsored by Food For Thought.  I just happened to buy their product on a whim and I can't recommend it enough.  You can order directly through their website, or find them in co-ops and organic shops in Michigan and possibly other places, as well.

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  1. Meg- We are delighted that you love our preserves! Definitely try some of the other flavors. The herb and wine infused are the most popular, but all are delicious, naturally low in sugar, and full of freshness. We are proud to be making great-tasting organic gourmet foods right here in Michigan with Michigan ingredients. Our preserves also have the distinction of being the Nation's first and only Certified Fair Trade Preserves, so you can help save the world one jar at a time just be eating good food! Note, too, that all of our preserves are Certified Gluten Free by the Celiac Sprue Association. Here is a link to our webpage for anyone that would like to learn more about Food For Thought and our philosophy: http://www.foodforthought.net/about/
    Thanks again Meg for all your kind words!
    Lynette Grimes
    Director of Sales
    Food For Thought
    Honor, Michigan