22 June 2011

Garden Update #3!

I've been waiting a while for this update because growth in the garden has been slow the last few weeks. But, over the last 6 days, things have gone wild! It's like my garden hit its puberty growth spurt all of a sudden and it seems to have grown every time I blink my damn eyes. So, I decided it was definitely time for an update. I just realized last night that I have tomatoes. Like, for real. They're green, but they're there. And, drumroll please, jalapenos! Rock on. I'm ready to make some salsas...now if the tomatoes would just turn red...
I am bummed that my watermelon plants died. And all but 1 of my okra plants died. The onions and garlic are going really well. You can only see their tall greens, so I didn't bother to photograph them. The green zucchini are full of flowers, but no actual zukes yet, so that's another I didn't get a photo of. Well, lovelies (and not so lovelies), That is all for now. Enjoy the garden....or not. Whatever.

Whole garden shot. Looks wild.

L to R: Romaine, peppers, toms, onions, garlic.

L to R: Peas, garlic, brussels, romaine, strawberries (that are not producing...grrr).

Pea plant and some garlic.

Pea plant with lots of flowers.

Pea plant starting to bud more.

Hard to see, but in the little brown spot in the center, is a bell pepper starting to grow.

Cherry tomatoes. Back right are some romas.

More cherry tomatoes!

Tiny jalapeno :)

Another jalapeno hiding under the tomato leaves.

One sad little okra barely surviving out of the 4 plants I started with.

Roma tomatoes. 

Tiny summer squash. It's less than 1 inch long right now. 

Another summer squash. It's about 2 inches long. I'm so stoked!!


  1. That is one snazzy (yes, I said it) garden. I'm a little jealous of your ability to successfully grow tomatoes. Squirrels snagged most of my tomatoes the last two summers. :( BUT peppers always seem to do well, so I'm waiting on the shishito and serrano plants to do their thing.

  2. Wow.. that's so exciting!! My garden is taking it's sweet ass time to grow this year!! But hopefully my patience will be a good thing!! :)

  3. I love your garden! I'm having similar issues with a few plants just not taking (mostly my spinach and basil). My tomatoes have a lot of flowers but no tomatoes yet, and the same goes for my peppers.

    However, my strawberry plants are totally getting their fruit on, I picked over a pound of the luscious red lovelies today.

    Rock on with your garden, I can't wait to see more pics of the yummy goodness! :)