17 July 2011

Garden Update #4

Howdy all. Yes, I said howdy. I hope you're all well. I'm doing pretty good. My job is keeping me pretty busy, and leaving me uninspired in the kitchen. So, I decided it was time to do another garden update. I had some pretty sad happenings with the garden last week. I had to remove all of my broccoli and brussels. They were terribly infested with caterpillars that seemed to appear overnight. They devoured my plants and, in my desire to have a totally organic garden, I decided to to stay pesticide-free and just pull them up. Such is life and I'll surely recover. In the mean time, here are some photos of my garden....

Looks messy, but it's because my tomatoes are going wild!

Cherry tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes...lots and lots.

Some heirloom tomatoes.

Lil jalapeno! They are growing so slow.

Bigger jalapeno.

Summer squash. Also growing very very slowly.

Some of my many romas.

I thought my peas were all done. They all dried up except this tiny plant with a giant pod.

A ripe cherry tomato and one of my red onions.

This is in my backyard. Very cool little guys at my feeder.


  1. Aw, your garden looks so fun! I have a tiny little urban garden on my porch, I'm curious to see how it does!

  2. I'm in the same boat. Caterpillars completely ate all of the leaves off of my broccoli and left me with the stems. They ate a bunch of holes in my lettuce too. I wanted to keep my garden organic as well.
    It's so disapppointing though.

    But your garden looks awesome! I can't believe how many tomatoes you have. I love the bird feeder too :)

  3. Your cherry tomatoes looks like they are brining a killer harvest :) My broccoli and brussel sprouts didn't make it either, actually they didn't even make it past the pre-growt period. Good luck with your garden and hope you get alot of tasty treats from it.

    Have a look at mine too if you havent already :)

    //Emma @ The Vegan Swedes

  4. Great pics, I love the bird shot too. I'm jealous of your garden :-)

  5. I can see that those birds are loving the ambiance of your garden. And look at those cherry tomatoes, those are really mouth watering. I want to have a bite of it. Yum!.haha

  6. You have a great garden! the veggies look terrific, tomatoes are my favorite! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi! Your garden is good! Well, one way to prevent caterpillar infestation is to plant companion plants that cancel the scent of other plants like tomato and celery which cancels the scent of cabbage.Those aromatic herbs like Thyme, Hyssop, etc. can also be planted along with a certain vegetables. Good luck!

  8. Hi Child Piano! Thank you so much for the idea of companion planting. I didn't realize the cabbage family was so incredibly appealing to the caterpillars. I'll definitely take care to correct that next year. I did know that growing onions and garlic is helpful for keeping certain flies away, but apparently they don't work on caterpillars!