20 October 2011

Crazy Carrot Smoothie - Vegan MoFo #15

I'm finally using up the rest of those carrots leftover from my pal's bridal shower! WOOOOOO! Who would've thought that people would go nuts over the broccoli and cauli and cukes, but not carrots? Well, whatever. I used a boat-load to make this smoothie. You can see how thick it is - it's holding up my glass straw without any help! I dig them nice and thick. Hence the glass straw (they don't collapse like crummy plastic ones). Anywhooooo...

This smoothie is probably one of the best. Then again, I love carrots in smoothies. And cakes. And roasted. And in salads. And dipped in hummus. And by themselves. So, it may be carrot overload for the orange veggie haters out there. Anyway, here goes.

Makes 1 large smoothie.
You need: 
  • 2 huge carrots
  • 1 red apple (I use Ida Red)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 scoop ice
  • a little juice, water, or almond milk (I used a splash of cranberry juice)
 What you do:
  1. Blend it all together, duh. Then it'll look like this:

So, there you have it. Make it. Enjoy it's carroty goodness.


  1. This looks AWESOME!!!
    carrotty awesomeness.

  2. ya know, i abhored raw carrots up until about a year ago; they were the last veggie i disliked and learned to love. i used to dislike eggplant, cucumbers, and beets before too - but i was determined to take on each veggie and try it until i liked it. it worked and some veggies took months to like. i'm glad i like raw carrots now and i'm totally going to make your smoothie. it sounds right up my new-to-carrot-love'n alley. MEGAyay!

  3. I've never had carrots in a smoothie. Lots of carrot juice, but never carrot smoothies. I love the color!