29 October 2011

My Day in Photos - Vegan MoFo #28

I started my day off seeing this when I let my pups out this morning:

Then I went to Steady Eddy's diner at the Flint Farmer's Market with my mummy, as is our weekend ritual. I got awesome news while there! All soups for the forseeable future are vegan!! ROCK ON! So, for lunch today I had a giant bowl of seven bean soup and a vegan grilled cheese. Both were quite lovely. The sandwich looks burnt, but it wasn't. It's just the poorer quality phone picture. I must say, though, that I couldn't imagine a finer tasting bean soup. It was perfect!

Found the most awesome 3-foot-long brussels sprouts! Also, I snagged even more HoneyCrisp apples. I gotta get while the gettin's good!

Next, I did a little shopping, and stumbled upon these ridiculous xmas decorations:

Next, I snagged 3 pomegranates for $3.00 at the store.

Then, I found this massive red-tail hawk on my streetlight at the end of my driveway. I'm pretty sure it wants to eat Marley.

Came inside to find Daisy doing this:

And, finally, a Marley picture. We love couch snuggle time.

And that was my awesome day!