30 November 2011

My Wintry Morning

This is what I woke up to. Kind of beautiful...unless you have no soul (in which case I wonder why you bother visiting a vegan website in the first place). Really. Why would you even bother?

This is the first snow of the year and I'm totally giddy for it. By February, I'll be over it, but for now, I just want to enjoy it.

Anyway, cold, snowy mornings always make me hungry for a hot breakfast. So, I remedied that situation by making this:
Chelsea waffles from Vegan Brunch (altered, of course) and some oniony, mushroomy, cheesy hashbrowns.
You can tell that I love my hashbrowns. I could eat them pretty much every single day without complaint. The Chelsea waffles from Vegan Brunch were altered because I didn't have all the ingredients in the recipe. It calls for barley malt syrup, which is ridiculously expensive around here, so I subbed in maple syrup. It also calls for canola oil, but I used coconut instead. Ever since I first tried these waffles, they have been my favorite. I've probably made them 15 or more times. I usually make a full batch so I can freeze the rest for quick breakfasts later on. They're awesome popped in the toaster and topped with a good slather of Earth Balance. Mmmm, dudes. I know I always talk about Vegan Brunch, but for real, YOU NEED THIS COOKBOOK. Best cookbook purchase I've ever made.

Here's the rest of my lovely snow photos from this morning.


  1. This is stunning. Just seeing the photos put me in a better mood!

  2. Oh my! How purty. It was 70 plus degrees here yesterday and now it feels like it's going to snow too! Finally, just can't get into to holidays when it is warm.

  3. That looks so pretty, Meg! We only get snow once or twice here, so it's always exciting when it comes.

  4. Nikki, Thank you! I was super stoked for the snow, but it is gone already. We got snow a couple days ago and it all melted :(

  5. Scissors and Spice, I feel ya. I can't get into the holiday vibe when it's warm out. I need snow and cold!!

  6. Geanna, I can't imagine having snow only a couple times a year. It makes me so sad just to think about it!!