17 November 2011

Review: Deep Brand Lentil Samosas

I am obsessed with trying and making Indian food. And, today, I discovered a new little Indian Grocer/Cafe near my house! It's called Chutney Bazaar, and it is awesome. It smells incredible when you walk in the door. There are so many awesome spices, about a million different kinds of naan, and some excellent-looking foods. I can't wait to try their cafe foods!!

When I went, they were out of the freshly made vegan samosas, so I snagged some frozen ones instead. They are by Deep brand, and they were $6.99 for 24. The box says that they could be deep fried or baked, and since I hate deep-frying at home, I baked mine. The box does have a misprint, though. It says to bake at 400 degrees F for 6-8 minutes. What it should say is 16-18 minutes. I cooked mine for 16 and they were perfectly done...soft around the centers and just a little crispy around the edges.

They, to me, had just the right amount of spice. Just enough to warm your mouth without burning your tongue. I dipped mine in a tamarind/ginger chutney and they went very well together. I'm curious to try more chutneys, maybe a mango or a mint will be next. Who knows. I'm crazy like that. Haha.

As for the texture, I loved that the lentils held their shape, but they weren't hard, either. They had a texture to chew on, see: 

And here's what they looked like served with the tamarind ginger chutney:

I served mine with some fresh naan. It was awesome. I definitely recommend these if you happen to stumble upon them anywhere.

Any recommendations for a good chutney to go with samosas?

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  1. Please use discretion while using Deep Brands...
    I just did a search based on an email i received maligning Deep brand... well, they are indeed in trouble with FDA. I'm here since I was searching confirmation info online about my favorite brand, which I will now need to bring out of the 'deep' (pun intended) freezer garbage and garbage!
    Sorry to share this info... but important to pass the word around. Deep is from Chetak foods... please check the following... Thanks.