06 November 2011

Saturday and Upcoming Vacation

Saturdays are a ritual. I go out to lunch with my mummy at Steady Eddy's, which is at the Flint farmer's market. I used to always eat the same couple of dishes that I knew were vegan and I really liked. Then, to my excitement, I found out that the diner we eat at (the only veg-friendly place around) has declared that all their soups from now on will be vegan. So, over the last couple of weeks, I've become obsessed with finding out what their soups are. Yesterday was chunky potato. It was very tasty. I am really starting to like non-creamy potato soups. They're filling, without being heavy and super fatty. Anyway, last week was a stellar 7-Bean soup. The week before was a cream-free potato leek soup. I'm in love! Their soups are always homemade and always so super tasty.

In other news, no recipes for the next few days. Sorry, I'll be on vacation and don't want to dirty any dishes before I leave town. No one wants to come home to a sink full of dirty dishes. Okay, maybe somebody out there does, but not me. I'm already lazy about doing dishes on a regular day and I know I won't be keen on it after my vacation. Call me a mega nerd if you want, but I am roadtripping down to Florida for my pal's wedding...and a day trip out to the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando. It's going to be so rad. So, I will be gone from blogging for about a week. I'll probably have lots of photos to share when I get back. So, I hope you all have an awesome week and I'll see you again soon.

Oh, and before I forget, I spotted this in my backyard:

From what I have  been able to determine, I believe it is a Downy Woodpecker. Because it has the red on its head, I think it is a male. He was pecking on some sort of large weed in my yard. I'm so lucky to see so many awesome critters from my kitchen windows.


  1. One of my biggest pet peeves is when restaurants serve soups that seem like they should be vegetarian/vegan, but they're not. And it's so easy to switch out meat broths too! So I think it's really awesome that that restaurant is making all of their soups vegan. Seriously, chunky potato?! Oh man.

  2. Love soup! Especially this time of year. Love thw Woodpecker picture.

  3. I love soup especially this time of year. Love the Woodpecker picture too.