16 August 2012

Review -- Pacific Northwest Kale Chips

Recently, I received a request from Melisser at Vegan Cuts asking if I would be interested in reviewing Pacific Northwest Kale Chips, and I absolutely jumped at the chance. I've seen them on the Vegan Cuts website a few times, but, I kept putting off trying them out. So, apparently, it was some sort of magical intervention on behalf of the universe that I finally got to try them. There are 3 flavors of the kale chips, and all 3 are raw, gluten-free and vegan!! Can you even freaking believe it? The flavors are: Stumptown Original, Cheezy Crunch, and Glacier Peak Greens.

One day earlier this week, I got home from the dream job to find the box sitting on my porch. I'm pretty sure I actually squeeeeed when I saw it. Hey, I get pretty damn excited about food. I can honestly say that I was skeptical about kale chips in general. Hell, it took me years to even give kale a shot in my green smoothies. So, I was a little skeptical. Well, my loves, my skepticism was completely unwarranted. I liked all 3 flavors...but I emphatically LOVE the Glacier Peak Greens. They're spectacular! I crave them now.  On to the reviews!!!

Cheezy Crunch
These are definitely my least favorite of the kale chip trio. I still think they're good, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them again. I think that maybe it was just that they weren't cheesy enough. Or, maybe, what happened is that I tried the other two first and found them to fit my tastes more. It happens...people have different tastes. You may find them to be your favorite.

Ingredients: organic kale, organic cashews, organic yellow bell pepper, organic onion, organic lemon juice, nutritional yeast, organic turmeric, salt.

Stumptown Original
These chips come in a very close second place to the Glacier Peak chips. They are nice and crunchy, with a gentle spiciness and a mild nutty flavor. I can't get over how delicious they are!

Ingredients: organic kale, organic hazelnuts, organic red bell pepper, organic onion, organic garlic, organic lemon juice, nutritional yeast, organic turmeric, organic cayenne, salt.

Glacier Peak Greens
O.M.G. These things are incredible. You can see from the photo below that the GPG flavor has cilantro, lime and jalapeno. They're nice and spicy with a touch of tang from the line. Really, they are so freaking good! Don't just take my word for it, get some for yourself.

Ingredients: organic kale, organic cashews, organic yellow bell pepper, organic onion, organic cilantro, organic jalapeno, organic lime juice, nutritional yeast, salt.

You can order Pacific Northwest Kale Chips from their website, as well as from Vegan Cuts here.
You can also follow PNKC on twitter here, and Vegan Cuts here.

If you're wondering, Vegan Cuts is a website that offers special deals and great prices on 100% vegan products and services. I've made numerous purchases from their site for awesome products. 

Want something awesome??? You can get 10% off your next order at Vegan Cuts with the code "BLOGFRIEND" (does not count on your shipping...just the merchandise). This offer expires on October 31, 2012.

This is the first time that I've done a review in exchange for a product. But, I have been 100% honest and am not being compensated in any way for my review. I just happen to really believe in the Pacific Northwest Kale Chips and I truly think you'll like them.


  1. I LOVE kale chips! The hazelnut ones are unique (all other companies use cashews, etc) and I would love those! I would also eat a whole bag of the cheezy kale LOL

    Congrats on the Vegan Cuts, I am on their team of blog reviewers as well :-)

    1. Elisabeth, How fun! I didn't know you were. I was just asked a week ago if I'd be interested and I said yes. It sounds like fun.
      I now love kale chips, too. These are so good, and I've tried making them at home before. I just never thought to add so much good stuff to them. These are definitely my new favorite snack. I can't get enough of the GPG flavor. The cheezy ones are still yummy to me, but I guess I just love the others more.

  2. Go Kale chips. I think you either love or not love cilantro and or kale. I'm a lover of both so these look fantastic to me. What a great surprise to come home too, and a great review to boot.

  3. I love kale chips of all types, I have been seeing Go Kale Chips all over the internet and over this review I'm buying some tonight.

  4. Yum, the cilantro jalapeno ones sound sooooo good!